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English Program

Being aware of the current modernization and globalization processes, and as part of their personal development, we consider it necessary for our students to learn the international language par excellence: ENGLISH.

The primary purpose of language is to communicate needs, desires, ideas, information and feelings. English as international language is important because it becomes a bridge between countries in the world; so in order to face challenges of life, in this modern era, we should learn to communicate in English. That is why at Príncipe de Asturias we consider verbal language development very important. Students develop communicative skills by “doing” or using the language.

As a bilingual school we envision a place where students may acquire second language basic skills, proved by their auditive comprehension, oral communication, reading and writing.

At the end of high school, our students reach an advanced level of English and usually obtain satisfactorily good grades at the TOEFL.

Our methodology endorse integral skills, motivating students to learn English as a second language, while they get affective, motor and cognitive benefits, as part of three main areas: literature, second language basic skills and learning strategies.

We use renowned textbooks and international programs recognized by their quality and effectiveness. We foster reading skill acquisition regarding students’ intellectual discoveries and cultural openness.

Science Program

Scientific and technology innovation nowadays is key to student success, where the English language plays an important role. The main purpose of our school´s English program, is that they learn English in parallel to science in a joyful way, expanding their vocabulary and using it in a practical manner.

TOEFL Course

We offer a course for the TOEFL preparation in order to develop in our high school students all listening, reading, writing, speaking, and IBT skills for the test.